Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance​

Chemical Only Service

Full​ water chemistry testing* and adjustment to: Maintain balance and clarity, Sanitize/control bacteria, and Treat algae**

Chemical Plus Service

Chemical Only Service, plus: Clean/Empty skimmer baskets, Clean pump strainer, Empty pool cleaner bags, Clean pool cleaner wall screen (as needed), Backwash D.E. filter as needed to maintain proper service pressure

Full Service

Chemical Plus Service, plus: Clean debris from pool water surface and pool bottom, brush tile/steps/swim-outs, adjustment of pool cleaners, brush pool walls and bottom as needed, vacuum pool as needed

Additional Services​

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Remove, clean, reinstall cartridge filter

Cartridge Filter Element Replacement

Remove old cartridge filter element, install new element and reassemble

D.E. Filter Disassembly/Cleaning

Disassemble, clean, reassemble D.E. filter

Pool Pump Repair/Replacement

Repair​ or replace filter pump or booster pump

Pool Cleaner Repair/Replacement

Repair or replace pool cleaner and pool cleaner hose

Green Pool Cleanup

Restore a green (algae) pool back to clear, swimming quality

Any Other Pool Equipment or Plumbing Repair

We can fix it all! Call for an estimate


Important Information and Notes​

*Chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity are tested weekly, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Hardness, and Phosphate Levels are tested as needed to maintain proper water balance

**IMPORTANT NOTE ON ALGAE - Chemicals alone cannot effectively prevent algae growth. The filter must run daily for at least 8 hours (summer)/4 hours (winter), the pool must be brushed and kept clean and free of organic matter, filters must be cleaned regularly, and phosphates must be controlled

Seasonal Note 1: Storms will cause debris to continually fall into your pool during the fall and early winter seasons, sometimes making it look like the pool was not completely cleaned during our service visit - we appreciate your understanding and patience while we endure the blessings of the fall season, with the expectation that all will return to normal within a couple weeks

Seasonal Note 2: Salt pools will have an additional charge for salt replenishment at the end of the rainy season